~ The past week ~ 

A moment to think about the happenings of these past days.

About the picture: This year I decided to use a handmade notebook, binded with needle and thread, to take notes, draw, and to schedule everything that could happen during the year. So, I have many white (or not) pages to use as I wish. And can always bind some new pages if I need.
Besides the good point of everything being customizable, I don't have to deal with blank pages, because I'm not exactly using a page per day. 
I'm gonna use it for college and work as well, because for me it's good to have everything in just one place (other than in my phone). LOL... But I guess many people prefer to keep the personal away from work and other areas... For myself, I can't help living everything together. 

~ work ~

Since May of last year, I've been working for Yes Wedding: a website about weddings and its world.
It's quite fun to be part of this team and to help them with Design stuff.
Last tuesday we went back to work, after the little break for Xmas and New Year parties. 
And this week things were way way too calm. I guess tomorrow we'll start the year for real, and I'm really looking forward it!

Once a year we do release a magazine with everything good of this wedding world that happened along the year. In december we had the release of our 4th edition, having Sophia Abrahão in the cover. ^_^

BTW, the 1st week of the year is over and when it comes to work, I guess I can't complain, since I'm already up with 2 new interesting projects, as a freelancer. One of them is wedding related. The other is #TopSecret! ... Hahahaha.

~ travel ~

I'm totally craving a good trip!! I'm really looking forward to have some fresh air with my parents... ♥
Because even if I quite had a few moments abroad, it's interesting I've never had a change to make it with them. California would not be bad. At all. 

So, these days I've been also researching about ways to travel in a budget. Because dollar is ridiculously expensive here in Brazil. And flight for 3... Geeezzz it hurts just to think about it. But, yeah, the year's just started. We never know... 

~ youtube ~

Every sunday I post a new video to Youtube, in my #WeeklyMusicLibrary!
Because after some time is past, it's good to look back and see what I was hearing by that time and why. Music is also a fantastic way of self knowledge. ^_^ This week's is Love Me Like You Do. 

~ instagram ~

Yesterday I had my 3000th picture uploaded in Instagram! 
( You see, Hiroomi?! The 3000th one. So, you need more 2500 pictures... Actually, 2502 to get me, boy! Keep postinnnng! ♥ )

Yes, I'm a helpless flooder when it comes to IG. But, please, follow me! @raphacchan
I promise I won't bite you! hahahaha

~ Give Away!! ~

I need more space in my room, so I'm giving these magz away. Anyone interested? 
Leave a comment ou message somehow.

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