Graduation Project - I

Talking about what happened during my hiatus time...

Let's start with my Graduation Project: A collection of personal accessories, inspired in HiGH&LOW universe!

When I started the Design College, after giving up Architecture, I wasn't exactly looking for a new career, but only for a new path to reach my goal, which was still the same: Scenography / Stage Design.

Even though having a degree in Architecture would had been the ideal, it was not and it's not mandatory to work with what I want(ed) to...

And since I was really unhappy with my college life, it was hard, but I decided to give up and take a chance in something new.

(Yes. Giving up hurts. And I HATE it, even more when the topic is career.)

But then, there was me, back to begining in college life. And it was probably one of the best decisions of my whole life.

I love Architecture and it still is an important part of my life, so in the end it wasn't exactly giving up my goal... it was like choosing a most pleasurable and fun way to get there. 

Because when it comes to projecting, depending on the case, we do change the scales, but the project thinking is the same for Architecture and Design.

So the first plan was to work with Stage Design;
The Plan B was the illustration path... And during the course, the unexpected happened: I found myself a Plan C wanna be: Jewelry Design... And it became much more than just an alternative in case I didn't succeed with my first option.

BOOM! It helped me a lot to understand the multidisciplinary ways my creative process usually takes and it became the main theme for my final and graduation project.

This is something people can't get at all... "So, you're a designer... What do you design?"
The answer is: whatever I want to. There's no limitations for graphic, product, service... I must admit I'm not into web though.

BUT, I'm learning it on my own, and it's being a good practice and a nice help to also learn more about Arduino - the way to achieve some of my goals, set to 2018.

Well, back to the project. I decided to create an accessory collection, inspired by japanese fictional HiGH&LOW universe.

It was challenging, it was big, it could end up in the best way ever. Or in the worse. There was no middle term. But I decided to take the risk, since it was the last project and the only one, during all the college years, I could really give tons and tons of my personality to.

The briefing was insane. It was almost like creating 5 projects, since I wanted a collection. And it was really difficult to be completed in just 6 months, because it's such a rich universe... I could probably talk about it and use it as inspiration for a whole life.

(captions from HiGH&LOW - the movie)

Motors, gangs, speed, fights, pride, friendship, courage, lifestyle, family, relationships... The point of my project was to translate each one of the five most important groups into an accessory piece. 

Next time gonna talk about some issues that were not solved in the best way, when it comes to the whole HiGH&LOW project. I took them in consideration while was creating my own arguments and strategies.

See'ya soon, raccoon! 

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