Keeping the #TBT mood, here are some scans from our brazilian version of Computer Arts magazine. 

Sadly it's over right now... So I'm considering to become a subscriber of the UK version.

Or maybe a subscription of Monocle magazine wouldn't be bad at all...

Yup, I had my work featured on Computer Arts Brazil twice. And I'll always be really thankful for these chances. ^_^

First time: Edition #76

We were asked to show our favorite project at that moment...

And by that time, what project was that..........?

Obviously, the one for Asia Awards 2013

(I had sort of an obsession fro dark lights and long exposure shots! And OMG, at the very beginning of my Design course, it was so great to already have a project published on Designboom!)

But 2013 was all about highlights! Besides the Asia Awards 2013, there was also the trip to Montreal, thanks to the Fluid Art Movement and Petronas!

Then, the second time happened! For the last edition of our brazilian mag, 2015!

This time, the challenge was drawing portraits. And I had my Mark Webber illustration featured. 

This one still makes me laugh.
The background sucks looks horrible! The portrait would look so much better if I had decided to leave the background white. (Since it seems I was too lazy to paint one)...

But, anyways, please, forgive me. This painting is actually from 2011! And it's 6th anniversary is like... today! hahahaha! So I can assure you nowadays I can create better than this one.

Still, it's good to look at. The passion for F1 was really intense back to those days...

So, thank you, Computer Arts for the given chances to that still very green and fresh me from the past!

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