Today we're going over ceramic issues!

Overload of cuteness ahead.

A cute seal

Ceramic milk carton by Hanna Risgaard.

Echo Vase - by Jennifer McCurdy
Sooooo Coooool.

Mugs, mugs, mugs. Some of you have no idea, but I collect them.
(To organize my artsy stuff)

Ceramic cabbage. And each leaf is a bowl!

And what about these cozy elephants?
They can almost  make me not to hate the winter!

Whale muuuuuug!

Kintsugi: the japanese technique (and art) of  fixing broken objects with gold. Because the "scars" are also part of live and of its beauty.

Not cute. But perfect.

A book with pages in natura

All these stuff make me actually miss the ceramic classes of college... the kindness of the professors and the way they always allowed us to follow our crazy ideas... How nostalgic.

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