It's August!!!

Do you know what it means? 

Yes, folks. Call it break time, call it warm up... it doesn't matter... Because it's over!

The second half of the year is here, bringing all the madness and big projects, as always.

No challenge and preassure, no fun.

Let's talk about the design/illustration contests following the deadlines!


(I'm still trying to finish my Miu Miu illustration, Marcus, I'm sorry ! Gonna make this one on time!)

Since I'm late and still working on my last open call, because I'm gonna complete it and it's gonna be cute, I wasn't feeling like entering this time. BUT! Schiaparelli's F/W17 collection is amazing! It's fun! You can feel many latin, gypsy and esoteric elements going along with futuristic touches!

(Pictures from VOGUE)

So, the first deadline is August 27th. And the challenge is a creative fashion illustration!


If you know me a little bit, you surely know this one is a fave. It's amazing to see different works from all over the world!

As always, the final will take part in Lisbon. But this year there's something good! You don't need to actually mail your artworks to Portugal and pray for them to arrive safe. Now the selection of the finalists will be online! Max of 3 illustrations per person, as long as they have the same theme.

(Here we have one of the kids I submitted, back in 2014. It was actually a piece of work for college, so I had not expectations about it. At all. But it's nostalgic in a very good way. ^_^)

Ilustrarte's deadline: August 31st.


Were we talking about faves? ~ Hahahaha, this one always brings me incredible good memories! It was the chance I was looking for, to really accept that I'm not just a graphic designer, but also a product designer.

Last time I sent my entry as a student. This time I'm gonna make it as a professional. Millions of butterflies inside the stomach, anyone? lol

But it was so cool! Even though I had a graphic designer background, I was still able to make it into the TOP100! And there were thousands of entries. Also, from the TOP100 just 15 or 20, can't remember, were from students. So it was really an honor! Last theme was recombinations. Let's see what they are bringing on for this edition! I--a-m--a-n-x-i-o-u-s-!

(Since I'm quite showy today, here is my entry. ^_^ Sorry about all the explanations in Portuguese. ^^" ~ BTW, let's talk about this adorable 000192 number? I love numbers under the #3 energy!)

Deadline: To be announced yet. But expected to mid November.


Let's raise the baaaaaaaaaaar!! ~ Huhu! The first 3 contests I talked about still are and will always be challenging, but I already had experienced them at least once. 

Now, this is brand new! I walked into it by the end of last year, but I would not have time to develop a decent project and, to tell'ya the truth, I was probably not ready.

I was exhausted from my graduation project AND had tons of new things to learn. (I'm still working on it!)

LAMP is a canadian competition about lighting and this time's theme is BALANCE.

What is the best part of it? Being about lighting design? Being canadian? Hard choice here!

(For this one there's a salty entrance fee. And I'm not sure if it makes me feel like a real adult, or if it's just the fact I'll be an "emerging designer" as a participant! Hahahaha ^^")

Deadline: December 15th. The registration fee is not so harmful if you finish it earlier. (never gonna happen to me)


Last but not least, the hard core final boss of this year's game!! ~ The Amsterdam Light Festival! 

Again, a totally new challenge for me! And in huge scales! This one is about lighting design, but it also covers that scenography thing I've been searching for during my whole academic life. 

Here there are no dates at all, but a new theme is expected by October or so. It's terrifying. And I mean it. But at the same time, I'm sooooooooooooooooooo looking forward it! Because if your dream doesn't scare you, then you're not dreaming high enough.

(These projects and many others can be found at the Festival's website.
All I can say from looking at these pics is: I'm so in love!)

Deadline: Who knows? Probably January of 2018. 

So, these are my projects and goals for the second half of the year! And I'm looking forward healthy competition, obviously, so if there is anyone interested, let's do it!! Competitions make it fun to get out of our comfort zones and to grow up as designers! x)

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