September Playlist

I'm back! 

It's been quite a while without anything music related here, so we're going to September playlist!

To be honest, when I was trying to pick up some music, I ended up with more than 100 tunes, so to make it fun, I'm gonna share the first 30 ones that may appear in shuffle mode. LOL

My only condition to skip a song: if it was already featured in February Playlist post.

So... Here we go!

1 - ピエロ - SEKAI NO OWARI

It's the first song of this video. Very cute. ^_^
BTW... The vocalist, Fukase-kun, is 31 already! Hell, he looks like he's 15! (...and his cuteness is an extra reason to be scrapbook theme!)

2 - Does Your Mother Know - ABBA

Here, the version from the movie. 2008! ALMOST TEN DAMN YEARS!

3 - O Sole Mio - IL VOLO

Japanese, English, Italian...we're getting quite international here! That's how it should alllllways be! The Il Volo boys are so young! You barely imagine their ages if you just listen to their musics, without seing their faces!

4 - Cry (Just A Little) - BINGO PLAYERS

Why is not friday yet? Anyways, there's a holiday on thrusday, so we can say it's almost friday!

5 - New York State of Mind - JUJU

6 - Choo Choo TRAIN - EXILE

LDH. EXILE. It was going to happen at some point of this list. No escape.

7 - The Winner Takes It All - IL DIVO

A MUSICAL AFFAIR will be always be a fave. 

8 - Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley

I'm totally blaming Javi for this one. I'm innocent. All his fault.

9 - Unforgettable - NATALIE & NAT KING COLE

To my dear uncle, wherever he is. Thank you. 

10 - Every Heart - BOA

Back to Middle School days. Back to Inuyasha. And one third of this list is complete!

11 - Hakuna Matata - ELTON JOHN & TIM RICE

12 - Sossego - LULU SANTOS

Haaaa! Portuguese. At least. So, until the moment we have: Japanese, English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese! I have a couple of tracks also in Korean, Chinese and French... I'm wondering where are they now, since they are yet to pop up in this shuffle session. lol

13 - x x x - L'ARC EN CIEL

Starting with The 4th Avenue Cafe, because nobody can deny this song and Rurouni Kenshin feelings. Then, finally XXX.

14 - A Sky Full Of Stars - COLDPLAY

Yay! I love the Ghost Stories album anyway! 


16 - This Town - NIALL HORAN

The song is cute and all. But guess why I have it in my phone? Because of a cute little sleepy head, that becomes a jumping machine when he ice skates. Shoma Uno.

17 - 千本桜 - 和楽器バンド

UUUUHUUUUUU! WAKKAGIIIII~~ Yes, I'm jumping around my room now. 

18 - A Thousand Miles - VANESSA CARLTON


19 - Forever Love - YOSHIKI


20 - Butterfly - JASON MRAZ

2/3 of the way!



22 - The Final Time Traveler - SARAH ÀLAINN

Sarah is beautiful, adorable... She sings like an angel... But... Sorry, lady, here's obviouly Yuzu's EX program! From Grand Prix Final of 2014, in Barcelona. #inLove and totally weak when it comes to Yuzuru Hanyu. 


FINALLY! MAMMA MIA! It's not like my shuffle not to present me with some J Soul Brothers candies during 22 songs! MUGEN is not eternal, it's infinite. #HiGH&LOW 

24 - Can't Help Falling In Love - IL DIVO

38 days and 21 hours until I'm gonna watch these guys singing this song. FRONT ROW.


Welcome back to 1999!! I know it by heart!

 26 -  Nemo - NIGHTWISH

Oh...that was how High School started. Thousand of memories. XD

27 -  Let's Go Crazy - PRINCE

Now... give me a minute... sorry, but I just have to...

Yeah, thanks. Now I'm good!

28 -  Left My Heart In Tokyo - MINI VIVA

29 -  Rude - MAGIC!

Even though I love this wedding proposal, I'd hate to receive one like that...In the middle of everyone. XD

30 -  Love Runs Out - ONEREPUBLIC

Yeah! we're over! 30 random songs and I'm surprised! Where did all my japanese music go?! LOL
I mean, the final pack looks not to odd as I thought it would!

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