"Laniakea" - word from Hawaiian, it means Immeasurable Heaven. Also a supercluster of galaxies (our beloved Milky Way is also there as one of the 100 000 galaxies).  

Today we're going over Satoshi Tomizu's jewelry design in glass. He creates unbelivable lanikeas in 2cm x 2cm x 2cm spheres. 
His designs are so demanded that there's an individual lottery for every single piece he sells. Click below to see the gallery!

Satoshi was born in 1980, in Kanagawa. 

In 2008 he discovered heat-resistant glass accessories and began explorations in that field. And In 2015 was introduced in "Nikkei Design" Awarded Grand Prize - J-WAVE - "atelier nova DESIGN AWARD".

From his studio's website we have informations about the space glasses: 
"Space Glass is made from a variety of metals and crystals. The planet floating in the middle, for example, is an opal which gives off a mysterious play of color. The swirling nebula which envelops it contains 24 carat gold, and silver. Containing all this in an ultra-hard glass shell enables you to wear this as an everyday accessory with no worries." 

His products have lottery open until Jan 14th (japanese time)!
You can give a try here!

All the pieces are breathtakingly handmade... Some of them do have particles of gold and silver inside, but are mostly made of glass, therefore breaking the idea that jewelry pieces need to be made of precious materials.

It seems nowadays people forget that jewelry does exist longer before human race could think about gold and other metals.

You don't need to start from something expensive to create something precious. This is something I truly believe. Otherwise, I'd never think about paper jewelry.

And since I also believe every living creature has an own laniakea living within... I'm totally in love with Satoshi Tomizu's work.

(it also reminds me of a person that shouldn't be named. hahahaha ♥)
(All the pictures above are from the designer's official website and facebook page)

And now, also to suit the mood, here goes an amazing video about our laniakea and the universe(s).
The song is Alpha, by Vangelis.

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