I just came to share a little bit about a crazy kitten I've met these days... Why? Because my life is full of "coincidences" when it comes to the neighborhood!

Have you ever felt like if someone or some unseen force kind of knows it too well?

Just a flashback about some of these coincidences:

1. The rainy meeting: Around January of 2016 I was near an entrance of Shopping Iguatemi (Mall) when a grandma asked me for directions. I was coming back from work and honestly in a hurry, because I still needed to go to uni, but couldn't not help the lady. The street she was looking for was actually near my own home so it wasn't that bad... the only problem was that as a grandma, she walked really slowly and it was raining a lot - in our famous summer storm style. (Which means we took 3x the time I'd take until the street she was reaching for).

There, she said she was looking for a house with initials painted in the wall. Inwards I was like "WTH?", because I never noticed any initials at the front of any house and we're talking about houses which are one block away from mine. lol

In the end she was looking for a house of an old friend, which actually did have his initials at the wall. But her friend had passed away a couple of months ago. How I knew it? The house was announced in many selling websites and actually my parents were interested on it by that time.

Why is it crazy? She could have asked for directions to anyone in the street! But she asked me, the only one passing by who could really take her there!

2. Fit, the Pitbull: Now, let's talk about May of 2016. Again I was at the same street from the case above. Again I was going back home after a day of work. And again, I needed to hurry to uni.

(Two nights before this day I had dreamed about my dogs that had passed away the year before)

It was all ok until a pitbull came in my direction. The dog was really friendly, but looked also really stressed and lost... and c'mon, do you really think I'd leave a lost dog wandering around???

Here's she. After running a lot while trying to catch her, I got some help to bring her home. The guy who gave me a... 4 blocks (lol) ride was planning to meet his wife at the Iguatemi Mall, but got late just to help the dog and me. Really kind of him. But let's say he not only knew the neighborhood pretty much. He's cousin of one of a guy who used to live in the house in front of mine! AND: my parents were interested on this house as well.

Also, if things were not enough, the lost dog (her name is Fit) looks very much like my pitbull Paco, who died the year before. And the moment she entered the house, she went right away to the spot on the sofa Paco used to love.

The first one is Fit, the second Pitbull is Paco.

Before we were able to find Fit's family, she spent the night with us and because of summer storms (not reserved only to summer, because we're in Brazil) the eletricity was gone, so the doggo and I spent the night sleeping in the living room. Think about in how much trouble the dog would have been into if she was not rescued before the storm?! Again, it was another rainy meeting, at the same place.

3. The crazy kitten: Yes! Flashbacks are over, but despite all the coincidences, I needed this flashback to tell you guys that some time around 15 days ago it was late night and I was going to Shopping Eldorado to buy some coke. This Mall is two blocks away from my home and let's just say the house that lady from the 1st case was looking for is the mid point between my place and the Mall. 

(And the house of the cousin of the guy who helped me with Fit doggo is the mid point between my home and the house of case 1....ah, this neighborhood... lol)

As I had just passed by the house of the 1st case and right before crossing the street... it was everything too fast! a car coming and a little kitten wanting to cross at the same time!

I screamed and moved my arms, hoping the driver would stop! It was too dark to the person driving to notice a cat (there was no lights at the street, thanks again to a summer storm)... so noticing a micro kitten was totally impossible... 

Phew! The car stopped like 2cm from the kitten, which did run away afterwards.

I apologised to the driver and pointed him the way the little kitten went. We both got scarried like hell, but the animal was alive. So far, so good. 

After the car was gone, a guard which was there watching the scene told me the cat is from a house of that street (here we're talking about the street of case 1) and that it's really crazy! Because the kitten keeps crossing the street exactly when cars are passing by.... #insane

Foward we go and now we're talking about three nights ago. It was almost midnight when my dogs went 120% nuts, angry and barking like there was no tomorrow. Many sounds, screams and commotion later, my dad called me asking for help: "there's a f***in' damn cat in the living room!"

Downstairs I went to find the same crazy and suicidal kitten from days before in a corner of my living room. #facepalm ...It was a long night trying to protect the kitten from the doggos. (My dogs are smart! they can open doors...) In the end, she - yes, it's a girl - decided to stay behind the sofa, in the middle of telephone/internet cables.... 

At some point of the night, I gave up trying to make her leave.... I just left her some water and food, left the living room window opened and closed all the doors of the house to avoid the dogs to reach her... At the morning the she was gone. So was the food. I guess she only wanted a place to stay the night...

So, after 3 cases, I just keep wondering if someone up there *points to the sky* knows how much I love and care for pets (animals in genereal actually) and grandmas and grandpas... Well, dear Universe, thank you! Keep sending me the ones who need help, because I'll keep stopping my way to help them. Every time.

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