We're past the middle of the week already! And a quarter of March is gone already!
And since the week is being tough for almost everyone I know, here I come with a post of cute food art! #inspiration  ~ Enjoy it! =P

This is a short selection of what can be found at Pinterest, if you search for bento or cute lunch box.

Everyone who spends a little bit of time with me knows: I basically don't eat, because I don't feel hungry. But all these plates below are so adorable that they end up filling my main kind of hungry which is ART.  

One day you have Batman, the other one Pikachu. Why not?

Or even Ghibli's characters! Really... In Japan you're supposed to eat slowly, so you can appreciate the job of the person who cooked for you... If you gave me a bento box of Ghibli characters I'd love it so much I wouldn't eat it at all! lol


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