Yesterday I had a chance of visiting Garret Kane's exposition here in Sao Paulo, at apArt Private Gallery!

   apArt is a private space where, through a scheduled appointment, you’ll be able to appreciate, purchase or rent fine art and design as well as meet and engage in conversation with the artist or designer.  It’s also a place for book signing events and any other kind of cultural activities.

   Everything is organized on a privé basis for VIP individuals or small groups. Even though here in Brazil it's still not so common to have crowded art galleries - unless there's an event going on - one of the things I liked the most about apArt is the fact that visits are scheduled! It was a slightly intimidating thought at the begining but there was an adorable lady opening the apartment door when I arrived and offering water and coffee, and then a very welcoming apartment full of art in every detail! It was a nice scape moment during a busy friday...

Since the gallery is at a very familiar neighborhood for me, in a certain way it felt like visiting an auntie's place... hahaha.

   Garret Kane is an assemblage sculpture artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Below there are some of his words about art and technology:

   "All human invention is the application of our desires and ideas upon matter and energy - and I believe art is the purest form of this conceit - it's sole purpose being to push matter and energy to the most interesting places it can go.

   Well, that's the idea I like to operate from, and it’s what inspires much of what I do.

   Specifically the mediums, concepts and techniques I prefer all revolve around this association with base nature. They embody the idea that human beings were made by nature and through technology we attempt to recreate nature in our own image.

   Lastly, because nature inspires everything I do and because I love our planet, 10% of all my profits go to the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature)".

"From the Park to Parq" Exhibition

"Mãe Natureza"

This Mãe Natureza (Mother Nature in Portuguese) sculpture reminds me a lot of Rei Ayanami, from Neon Genesis Evangelion... from thaaaat movie scene:
Maybe because in EVA is all about issues and conflicts between humanity and machines, self awareness and ego...

"Rei da Floresta"
This Rei da Floresta (King of the Forest) at a very first look reminds me of a J.R.R. Tolkien's Ent, for obvious reasons. I can easily recall that scene when the Ents destroy Isengard just by looking at this sculpture... But, as I said, it's a first look thought. 

   Garret's giants have detailed backs and dorsal spines. So do the EVA units and all the humanity - Matrix machines' slaves. The EVA units, built up from human image are charged, controlled and held back by the dorsal, while humans are controlled and used as batteries by the machines also throught connections all over the dorsal until the head. And this is so human, because having the dorsal as we do is a main factor when it comes to stand and walk on 2 feet!

   The works below are inspired by neighborhoods in Sao Paulo and other places in Brazil. A good part of the materials came from Ibirapuera Park, in Sao Paulo, like fallen branches. 

Ibirapuera Park


Paraíso Neighborhood

Ilhabela City

   It was really interesting to see the full Garret Kane's exhibition. To be honest, I was really looking forward to the two big mechas, but the Hexapolis models of Sao Paulo neighborhoods and brazilian places are great! the gesso blocks do give the feeling of "concrete jungle" that Sao Paulo city always have, but at the same time, the hexagonal shape also goes back to nature in a mimetic way. 

   Thank you, apArt Private Gallery for receiving me! I'm looking forward the next time!

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