Today I'm gonna talk about some instagram changes in my account and the reasons I decided to do so! Also, I'm going over that list of saved items! Because I know I'm not the only one who keep saving things and forgeting to go back to them later on, hahaha!

So, first of all let's talk about the main change! Given professional reasons, I decided to change my account to business and to change the routine of the posts! ^_^

Now, the content is separated by columns: one for the paper jewelry stuff, one for illustration and the third one for anything I wanna post, not exactly related to work. 

Probably the best descision, actually, is to eventually get and individual account for illustrations and one for the paper jewelry. I'll do it in the future, but right now I'll keep just one: 

And now, the fun part! I'm going over the pictures I saved from other accounts and see what's useful to share here! Also a reminder, because I never go back and see the stuff I did save. Have fun! lol

Ok... So we're starting with Yuzuru and a behind the scenes moment of his costume to Chopin's Ballade No.1 program. I always enjoy the making of things. Almost more than the thing itself.

And then a post from British Vogue, about bedroom buys. But I saved it surely because of the outfit. And the owl!

Hirotoooo! HiGH&LOW needs no reasons. Tosaka Hiroomi even less. My eternal boo.

Paper making at OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.

Yuzuru again. I must say I save many Yuzus. =P

Kiara Sky's powder for nails. Saved from Elle Brasil. And it was more for my project than for beauty. lol ~~ And, it's cruelity free! 

One of my favorite bloggers, Chriselle, talking about trends x personal style.

Stephan Lambiel and Johnny Weir being stupidly dorkies last year, before Fantasy on Ice in Makuhari. ♥ BTW, this year's FaOI Makuhari starts on May 25th!!

A bridal fashion reference, since I'm YES WEDDING's graphic designer! ;)

The infamous cat tights I guess everyone is tired to look at by now.

An image against the use of animals to test cosmetics. The Body Shop Brasil is (supposedly) cruelity free.

A thing people don't know: I hate sports and gym fashion. So when I look for something to do workout and stuff, I tend to look for inspiration in ballet/jazz/dance looks.

Wedding decor. Beautiful. I wouldn't mind using it everyday at home though.

Flowers from Florinda SP! They do flower services by subscription! =)

An important discussion about sharing and searching for the suppliers of a brand and knowing the process of creation of a product. This way we do best choices. As designers and as consumers.

A picture from my friend ROGUE SQD! Here we have Ginza Six and Yayoi Kusama installation.

Beautiful illustration! Follow Talenthouse for more!

Some people really know how to draw, uh? Follow @arttreasure for more!

Painful to look at, isn't it? This one is from a brazilian ONG which help abandoned doggos and kittens. If you can, PLEASE HELP! Any little donation is important and makes difference!

Working out wearing this, and not those bright and ugly gym outfits seems much more interesting.

A very MOXY kind of quote.

We're always up for good design!

And beautiful lights and travel inspiration! Venice ~

The #wishlist keeps growing.

BTW, anyone in NYC right now?!

Still speaking of Toronto, there's a Hi-Lo bar there! Thank you for the suggestion, Paige!

Toronto also means Toronto Cricket Club! And some lovely chinese fans leaving Yuzu a message by renting a publicity spot right at the bus stop, in front of TCC! How adorable!

Toronto and a black ice rink. Wanna draw patterns on it so much! 

From ice issues to Shoma and his many (gorgeous) costumes to the Short Program Winter (Vivaldi)! Totally a fave!

There's a post only about her art coming soon, but here we have some Ninagawa Mika inspiration!

#Wishlist. You have to be a brazilian to understand how important the "eita" word is in your daily life! hahahahaha

Embroidered wings from Synchron! Even though it's a store for boys, I love the products and wear them a lot! =)  

The jewelry pieces are amazing, the model is gorgeous and the photo a work of art. Many reasons.


Yup. ♥

A gallery I love here in Sao Paulo. This expo was really something!

I have more than 600 saved pictures, it seems, but I dediced to finish this post with 44! Because 44 is a great number and I can free you guys of seeing my Yuzuru Hanyu/ Figure Skating collection of savings. So to finish with style: Mr. Wolverine!

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