So the third edition of paper day was great and I have yet to write about it, but I'm leaving here some of the pieces I created for the event and that are still avaliable for order! Please message me for more information, I ship worldwide:

(Remembering that all the pieces are made of paper!)


Short necklaces:

Long necklaces:

These are the ones I have ready to send, but if you want something done just for yourself, has an idea/ theme in mind, give me a hello and we can work it out!

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  1. Very beautiful, Raphaela, and unlike anything I've seen before... and believe me, I've seen a lot of paper jewelry! It's a passion of mine because paper is so unexpected.

    1. OMG, thank you very much, Ann! =)
      It means a lot and even more coming from someone who knows so much about paper! I love your instagram! ♥
      It's good to know that in other places paper work seems to be better welcomed, because here in Brazil people are still a bit afraid of the material.

  2. Aw thank you. I don't think it's just in Brazil that people fear paper's durability... I hear it here as well. I tell people to treat my work like any fine jewelry... last thing on, first thing off, and don't wear it in the shower!


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