I'm back!
To say that I noticed the last time I talked about Il Divo here was in 2017?! How I managed that? Hahahaha - no, the topic today is not design, but it's related (since I do create a lot while listening to these guys. )...

First of all...

How did I survive without posting this picture??? - It was taken last year, right before Carlos' live, here in Sao Paolo! And the show was a blast! All the songs were basically faves, so no chances to get it wrong, mr. Gentleman. Hahahaha.

This year Il Divo came back to Brazil to a mini tour in a couple of cities and like I said in 2017, they still manage to make me a little mount of glitter! lol

Timeless is an album to celebrate their 15th anniversary! But even though I like this album a lot, I was a bit afraid I wouldn't enjoy the show so much, because my favorite songs are from "The Musical Affair" to the older songs. WHAT. A. MISTAKE. I had a really really reaaaally great time at the show and ended up loving some songs I just liked before that night.

I bought my ticket for the live by the mid of December, last year. Since it was kinda early, I lost my anxiety along the months and just got back to that "omg feeling" this month, when all the ladies from Il Divo Facebook group were flooding my timeline. Then I got anxious and that's how I ended up getting a M&G pass as well. Because, yeah, having the best seat of the night (middle of 1st row) suddenly wasn't enough. XD

The view was a dream.

So, so, sooo close! And it was fun because they recognized me from the other years, which meant lots and lots of fan service all the time. The four of them reminded me of great friends from high school. When we were all 15. Il Divo members are all at least 40+ but you can still feel them as 15 boys when they joke around. Just lovely.



Some videos can be found here: 

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Looking forward to next year's shows! The goal is going to Japan's tour as well!!

P.S.: Paper Day 7 is coming soon! A post about it too!

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