So here comes the post of one of my favourite places in Toronto! Sorry if it's just too obvious, but the Distillery District is just lovely! Actually I liked all the neighbourhood, because I took a loooooooooong walk from the west side of the city until there, so I must also say that the surroundings are great too!

A good thing about Toronto is the huge number of beautiful parks and squares you can find in the city! Since I got robbed when came back to Brazil I lost some content with my old phone, but many squares also have tennis courts and a space where dogs can run and have fun... So in love here!

But back to today's task...

The architecture is great... it has that nostalgic feeling brought by the bricks and the industrial elements... Just hard to explain but there you feel sort of safe? Well, judge me, I'm a designer, so of course I feel good around this industrial atmosphere...hahahaha

And it's so cool that looking up to the sky there is the huge contrast with the giant contemporary buildings with all the glassy windows and so on...! 

Another big plus: the music! Even if I knew nothing about the place and was not heading there anyway, I would have very likely ended up there, being called by the beautiful music!

Here something I found pretty curious not only about the Distillery District, but about the whole city... Guys... why do you use sallad as paisagism? hahahahahaha It's cute, but it's still food!?

Here some pretty flowers and a symbol of peace and respect. I think this picture conveys a lot of how being in Toronto felt like. There you have people from all over the world and they're trying to have a better life, so basically everyone is kind and respectfull. It's not difficult to get used to this energy.

Just my regular self making friends with animals. Don't mind me.

All those things I wanted to touch and to bring home, but just couldn't!


Happy kid inside Bergo Designs

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