3rd day, here we are! =) Alive and grateful to be healthy!

Like I did in the past, I'm again looking back to the things I saved for later on Instagram to see what I can clean, what should stay there... So here we go!
Starting with a quote from Karl Kagerfeld. Inspiration is needed for these hard times! - from BOF

Now, sorry for that, but you know... even being rude, it's fun and I'm gonna grab it one day. LOL

Pretty Yuna Kim, from this instagram account.

And here the best discovery from there quarentine days so far: NOIR KEI NINOMIYA!

Handsome Naoki-san in yukata... He looks so much more comfortable in his now, comparing to when he stared in JSB2! 

Now, this is precious! The first time my paper jewelry were featured anywhere! Thanks to Claudia and Portal do Papel!

Yuzu's costume for Notte Stellata. A master piece from Ito-san!

Another book for my wishlist!

Insanely cool work from Georgie Seccull!

Actually, the number of books on my whishlist is so huge I guess I can make a post just about it...

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