So, today I'm making a marathon of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1 team Youtube content.

2011 - And the track simulator laps.

I mean, look! Seb did have hair by that time!

Webbo! Oh, Red Bull had soooo many good drivers!

Monaco "poop"! lol  Because I'm still so shocked about how much Seb changed!

Turkish GP! Geezzz, I miss this track!

Montreal, my love! This is the only GP besides brazilian that I attended to.

Can decide if I love Hockenheim the most, or if Seb's lack of concentration still wins.

Red Bull can not spell I-N-T-E-R-L-A-G-O-S... lol

Sebastian... I wish somewhere inside there is still place in his heart for those special feelings he experienced as beginner....


I probably like Christian Horner less that I used to like 10 years ago.. but, this is precious.

ROCKYYYYYYYYY!!! THIS IS A FAVE! (yeah, I downloaded this one. Gotta admit)

2013 - when Dan was confirmed to 2014

Really good to have Dan promoted from Toro Rosso, but can I say again how much I miss Webbo in F!? No, being commentator is not enough. And I'm so glad I was there to watch his last race here in Brazil, as well to meet him again on the following years with WEC.

2014 and Dan's 1st victory.

Tokyo! And this temple does have a cat! How do I know? I've been there a couple of months before him. lol - BTW, this video was uploaded on October 2nd of 2014. (My B-day)

2015 - The Dans and the ninjas! hahahahaha

2016: Newey takimg up the SIM

Hellssss...Max looks cute here! XD

Día de los mueeertoooossss

Review of 2016 season

2017: boys will be boys. hahahahaha

LEEEEEEE. The most hilarious guy when he's drunk. =x

Why the fuck does he have a towel with Seb's face? omg


I really could make a comment here. But I won't. =x


2017 - and the sofa, again...

And I'm gonna leave 2018 on for a next post!

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