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Basically one month later I'm back. With thousands of things happening at the same time it's quite hard to keep an agenda.

Our Airbnb apartments are being quite requisited, which is good, but also means hard to predict days.

I'm also planning my collection of paper jewelry collection and taking many classes... so: big news coming soon! =)

To relax a bit of all the formalities from Fashion Illustration classes, I've been creating some illustrations for a couple of figure skaters and the feedback is being so nice!

04.12 was Kaitlyn Weaver's birthday! She's a beautiful and skilled ice dancer from Team Canada!

The inspiration came from Kaitlyn and Andrew's short program:

And she was so sweet in her answer! I got a combo: like + comment + stories' post!


When she featured me on her stories, and right after a post featuring no other than Andrew Poje, I nearly fainted. Like...really!

04.15 was the last day of Yuzuru's ice show Continues ~ With Wings ~ and also the b-day of Javier Fernández! He skated a bit of his Impossible Dream program and everyone sang happy birthday to him. My choice of outfit was obviously his costume for the gala program Super Javi, coreographed by the - also super - Kurt Browning.

"I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life"

In the end, Javi himself probably didn't even notice my post. Buuuuuut! A sweet sweet sweeeet heart from Belgium did!

Thank you so much for the love, Jorik Hendrickx!!

He has probably no idea, but since he skated to Il Divo's Aranjuez version, his base of fans here in Brazil did grow a lot! Something I'll let him know on his birthday post, also coming soon!

Last, but not least: Javier Raya! He's been through such difficult times! I'm so glad he's recovering his heart and emotions! Also, on this post there's also a short video with the illustration steps!

Javi, thank you so much for your efforts, your inspirational words and all the love!!

#HappyMonday, everyone!


I just came to share a little bit about a crazy kitten I've met these days... Why? Because my life is full of "coincidences" when it comes to the neighborhood!

Have you ever felt like if someone or some unseen force kind of knows it too well?


Yes. I've been gone for a good couple of months.
I'm still adjusting myself to this brand new graduated life. 

But I'm coming back with great news!

Now I have a fashion illustration featured on @drawadot's instagram!

Really, the happiness here is over the Moon! I've always had wanted to send an illustration to one of Marcus' open calls, but I was always busy with college/ work stuff...

Then, first time sent and BOOOM! Here it is:

There are so many incredible illustrators featured in this account...! It's insane to be part of the team now! 

This illustration was inspirated by Comme Des Garçons S/S2015! The last look!
And the postion is an Ina Bauer (from figure skating). Drama, anyone?

July is coming! Miu Miu's illustration too: tons of colors and fun!


February Playlist

Yo! Before bringing it here a second chapter of my graduation project saga, let's talk about something lighter! Music! ♥



So... new year, new life!

I've left this blog alone for a good while and good reasons, but I'm gonna try to make it over! ^_^

Tons of things happened. The most difficult was probably my final graduation project. Or so I thought. Then many days of cleaning, which are not over yet - wardrobe, studio, and personal and spiritual cleanance.

X-mas, New Year, Graduation ceremony. New hobbies, new interests, new discoveries.
I'm quite ready for some new challenges. =)

Happy 2017, everyone!

Here, this is the charm luck of a person I admire a lot: Yuzuru Hanyu.
The letters and their meanings:

K is for KINDNESS;
I is for INFINITY;
J is for JOY;
H is for HARVEST.

And this is my wishes to the world, in 2017 and always!


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Frio, TPM, despensa vazia, sozinha em casa... e nada de doces. A coisa mais animadora...? Biscoitos de champagne....

Er... NÃO!

Comprar doces? Não. Nem vontade de sair de casa, nem vontade de gastar dinheiro para pedir uma sobremesa por iFood...

Eis que láááááá no buraco negro do armário, um achado!

Um pote velho de Nutella, quase passando da data de validade!

E como diriam nas propagandas da Polishop: "SEUS PROBLEMAS ACABARAM!!"

E como o resultado ficou bem gostoso (como não poderia, gente?! é NUTELLA!!), divido hoje a receita aqui! 3 ingredientes, 15-25m no forno e pronto! 



Quase quatro meses sem atualizar. E não me perguntem como vai a faculdade. 

Supostamente deveria haver mais um post sobre o Carnaval... Mas eu tenho que admitir que nem lembro mais o que ia dizer... 

Anyways... Um post rápido com highlights da Casa Cor desse ano!


Carnival Chronicles - I

Wow! Há quanto tempo!

Sorry... Foram os mil problemas com a matrícula - de novo - e a deadline de Coldplay chegando!

Então falemos sobre os primeiros dias de Carnaval. =P

Rainy meeting

"I'm singin' in the rain
Just singin' in the rain"



Just commentin' on last week stuff...

1. Pirâmides x Constelação de Orion

(Delta Orionis, Epsilon, Zeta: as três principais estrelas do cinturão de Orion, mais conhecidas como As Três Marias, sobrepostas às pirâmides de Gizé)


~ The past week ~ 

A moment to think about the happenings of these past days.

About the picture: This year I decided to use a handmade notebook, binded with needle and thread, to take notes, draw, and to schedule everything that could happen during the year. So, I have many white (or not) pages to use as I wish. And can always bind some new pages if I need.
Besides the good point of everything being customizable, I don't have to deal with blank pages, because I'm not exactly using a page per day. 
I'm gonna use it for college and work as well, because for me it's good to have everything in just one place (other than in my phone). LOL... But I guess many people prefer to keep the personal away from work and other areas... For myself, I can't help living everything together. 

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