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So, here's the final version of the illustration! The decision to focus on the jewelry of the look came to match the professional moment I'm living right know, with my own pieces and stuff... But it was hard to give up on manga style and on the character design vibes, so, that's it!! It was fun! 


So here we have a little bit of what's going on these days... As the post title says, 12 minutes in 3, but basically until a piece is ready there are many layers and countless minutes! At least 6 hours for each one! =)


A partir de agora, também trabalhando com as aparas de papel de projetos anteriores! =) Nada de desperdício por aqui! Até porque Canson Montval é vida!

Recentemente eu terminei uma peça gigaaante, da qual espero poder falar aqui logo, por enquanto ela  é confidencial... E o corte principal gerou uma quantidade bem alta de aparas, porque o projeto é muito maior que o habitual. 

Para quem conhece meu trabalho há mais tempo, só de ver essas aparas, dá para saber qual foi a base de corte principal? hahahahaha



Just a quick update to show some new tests!





"O que você fica fazendo de madrugada?" - trabalhando, minha gente, trabalhando! E cá temos um pouquinho do making of de algumas novidades que estão chegando.

Falando em novidades, eu jurava que meu ano acabaria pós Pixel Show, mas acreditem, já tem agenda até o final de dezembro! o_o E vai rolar num lugar incrível!


Nos dias 30.11 e 01.12 vai rolar o PIXEL SHOW 2019! Um dos maiores eventos sobre criatividade da América Latina! Vai ser uma honra estar lá com minhas joias de papel!

Fica aqui um post rápido com o promocode MAKERS20 para quem quiser comprar o ingresso do evento. Ele garante 20% off.

A entrada é GRATUITA. Porém, é preciso comprar o ingresso para fazer workshops e assistir palestras.


Big news!!
Dear Toronto! I'll be there by mid September to October 1st!
This is your chance to order without having to deal with international shipping! If anything catch your eye or if you wanna something customized just for you, please message me!


É com muita honra que eu venho contar para vocês que vou fazer parte do novo projeto da Universidade do Papel!
O Paper Night vai acontecer no dia 12 de Julho, das 19h às 23h! Todos os artistas participantes vão expor suas devidas interpretações artísticas sobre o material e tudo em PB! Fotografia, ilustração, colagem, escultura, etc! Todos convidadíssimos! É numa sexta, entre as ruas Augusta e Frei Caneca, então pode vir antes ou depois do Happy Hour! Hahahaha. Mesmo na própria Matias Aires (e tem todo o bairro) tem muita programação noturna para antes e ou depois do Paper Night! 

No meu caso, isso é um pouco nostálgico, porque minhas primeiras peças foram PB, mas ao mesmo tempo é totalmente novo, porque desde aquela época eu aprimorei a técnica e aprendi muito, então não vejo a hora de mostrar os resultados! =)



As always, it's been a while. And it feels that things have been moving really fast since I started with the paper jewelry...So this post is just to talk about what is going on (offline) and the plans for the year.

- the cutting machine issue:

If life had happened as I had planned, I would have been an owner of a cutting machine since July of last year. Not such a luck! Because of taxes and the exchange rate between USD and brazilian Real are just insane.

Any Silhouette is out of question. I need more power and more precision. 

Maybe Eclips2? Brother is gonna launch a new machine here in Brazil next month and since I'm going to the event...who knows....?

- events:

We are in April and I had 4 fairs until now. Two amazing and two not so good.
The issues with the ones which were not that interesting? CARNIVAL.
Yes. Brazil. Does. Stop. When. It. Comes. To Carnival.

So, now I'm gonna share a few pics of the good events and the new pieces!

These were inspired by Sao Paulo's life style, vibes and architecture. We have Interlagos autodrome, pieces that recall the "concrete jungle" nickname of the city and Sao Paulo Japan House building.

- vacations:

The events that were not that amazing made me realize that I need vacations! It sounds like a selfish desire, to take a break when things are starting to evolve, but the point is... Last time I took a break was on February of 2014! Five years! 
It noticed that I was tired exactly because I was feeling like this during a fair that was basically empty, because everyone was out there, somewhere, enjoying the carnival... So I was like "ok... when I was the last time I've been out of my city (even for a weekend)?"...The answer was April of 2015. For a weekend in Rio de Janeiro........yeah, the body is asking to some time in peace. This way I can come back to the jewels (and other projects) stronger!

- almost 3.0:

October 2nd is sort of coming. My 30th birthday. So I ended up thinking about all the choices that made me get where I am now. What's working, what's not. 
Even with all the changes - that I probably couldn't understand when they were happening - I'm glad the whole journey makes some sense until now. Yet, I can not forget that I'm also here because my inital plans were delayed. So, I'm still figuring out if I'm going back there to realize all those old dreams when the chance arrives (without giving up what I have today), or if it's just past.
AND THE PURPLE. I want purple hair before my birthday, or at least to celebrate it! PURPLE IS THE NEW BLACK 

- online store:

That huge stone inside my shoe. T_T
No, don't get me wrong. Here's the thing: I have almost the whole store ready to put online and open, but right now my server only allows national transactions, which means international orders have been made by e-mail/instagram and paid with Paypal. And I've been waiting to release the national and international services together, but some news from the server last week and boom! No more international option coming! 

- ninja design award:

A special post just for this topic is coming soon, but basically my works were selected for an exhibition at Ureshino Design Week and now they have a spot in Ninja Museum, in Saga. Still walking on air here!

- more news coming soon:

New parnterships and projects to be announced soon. Someone wanting to adopt some butterflies? There are to many inside my stomach to bare with. LOL.


Mais um Paper Day chegando e o primeiro do ano! Vai ser uma honra participar pela quarta vez!
Como sempre - todos convidados! Rua Matias Aires, 61 - entre as ruas Augusta e Frei Caneca!



Here's a bit of what happened on last edition of Ofício.
Thank you for everyone who visisted us! 


Última feira do ano! Venham me visitar nos dois dias da Mixtura Criativa!


No próximo sábado tem Feira Ofício na Praça Rotary, perto do Mackenzie!
Todos estão convidados!



Dia 2 de Dezembro, próximo domingo, tem Paper Day 5 na Universidade do Papel!
É o último do ano e a edição de Natal! Venham nos visitar!
Das 10h às 19h, na Rua Matias Aires, 61 - Consolação, SP
Entre as ruas Augusta e Frei Caneca. 
É perto das linhas verde e amarela do metrô, do ponto de ônibus do cemitério da Consolação e tem um estacionamento do lado! =)


lab.ART is over and it was a great experience! 
Right below are some of the pictures I took during the day. (And since the light was quite nice it was hard to control myself!)

And just to remind you guys, if you have interest in any of my pieces, please message me, because I do ship worldwide! This month I sent a pair of earrings to California!



So, it's November. The year is almost gone and it's still hard to believe. It has been extremely challenging (but in a good way) and could have been a perfect one if I hadn't to say good bye to my grandma. But I'll keep fighting and living to pass to others everything I had the honour of learning with her. =)

I already knew about Universidade do Papel for a while, but having the chance to work with them was probably THE blessing of the year! Here in Brazil it's the only place totally about paper and its expressions toward techniques and arts. Its owned by Enrique Rodríguez, an architect and designer from Chile, who developed his whole career using paper and teaches and help other paper designers/artists to find their space.

By the occasion I sent my portfolio to Universidade do Papel, aiming a spot in their exhibition of new illustrators (and, yes, got it!) but Enrique messaged me because of my graduation project and the paper jewelry. He wanted (and still wants) me to give a workshop about the subject at his school.

I was honest and told him I couldn't. Yet. It wasn't a selfish no, but I still learning a lot about my technique and my product, so it's still early to share what I don't know. But I hope to be able to give it back soon enough. ^_^

At Universidade do Papel, once every 2 or 3 months there's an event called Paper Day, in which artists show and sell their expressions on paper and it's always fantastic! I still can't believe I've been there twice and have a 3rd edition coming up in december! To discover these paper artists, I suggest the search of #PaperDayUP in Instagram! It'll be worthy!

Last edition, on 10/21, I took some new pieces, so today I'm sharing the pictures and some comments! =)

Here is my stand! That morning I noticed that my work/production grew up a bit! Because for the 3rd edition of Paper Day this amount of space was enough, this time not at all. I had to leave a sort of box/puff/bench below the table with my bask of illustrations and prints. It was unexpected, but maybe a good sign? =)

Some of the new pieces. For the flat necklace I got some new ones inspired by sacred geometry and for the ones which are 3d, the inspiration was the Möbius strip.

Here some details about the earrings: if you have more than one pierce, you can wear the pair in the same ear as well. The effect is nice, because the paper pieces go behind the ears and they weight basically nothing.

Here you can see a bit of the basket x_x... I'm not sure if I'll be ready ($) to get the double sized space for december, but I hope to find a way. lol

Meow! Now I have some small kittens as pendants and people seem to love them! I'm happy! For the next Paper Day I'm gonna take some doggos too, to make it fair! Hahahaha

BTW! An online store is coming this month! The plan was to launch it after buying my Eclips2 (here in Brazil every price you see in USD cost us x4 more, so a cutting machine doesn't end being something exactly cheap...), but people are asking for Xmas! But with or withou online store, I swear I don't bite, so you can just message me to ask things/ talk/ order... It will be a pleasure!

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