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Just a TBT to say I miss Toronto! It's hard to believe it's been more than a month already!
China Town is huge! Hard to say already where the neighborhood started or ended... With many (cool) stores which sell basically everything and beautiful lights at night! =)

And not only there, but in the whole Toronto the feeling is that the city's 2nd language is Chinese and not French... XD

Looking forward the next summer! 



"House of Casa Loma"... For a person who speaks Portuguese it was a bit annoying that people in Canada kept saying "house of"Casa Loma, because casa already means house. XD

Anyways, what a beautiful castelllll...! From the City Pass, this was probably the attraction I wanted to see the most. Because I love Architecture, History and X-men! hahahahaha

The weather this day was probably the worst I got during my whoooole trip, it was rainning a lot, but at least I got a chance to meet a really nice guy! My Uber driver was a guy born in Montreal, but that spent many years in Africa before coming back to Canada. He told me a lot about his love for Toronto and how the city is the perfect place for the ones who have dreams. Because in Toronto nothing is impossible. It was quite inspiring. =)

The Halloween attraction wasn`t ready though. =(


AGO has probably the most tempting shop of all the galleries and museums... The books! OMG, the books!!! Because, yes, I`m the kind of person who starts a visit by entering the shop. WHY? So I have time to process all the cravings I get.... And the books in Canada are so much cheaper than in Brazil! =,(

The Art Gallery of Ontario does have a little bit of everything and it`s huge. So huge it feels bad to call it a gallery and not a museum. o_o

Their inventory of beautifully crafted is objects is what got my attention the most.... Mamma mia!


Big news!!
Dear Toronto! I'll be there by mid September to October 1st!
This is your chance to order without having to deal with international shipping! If anything catch your eye or if you wanna something customized just for you, please message me!


Como boa amante de uma selva de concreto, seguem alguns achados para quem também aprecie NYC e Tokyo. ♥



Yo! Esses dias tenho lembrado muito de um drink que eu costumava beber no Canvas, mas que saiu da carta de bebidas... #SadBlowfish

É sempre mais difícil encontrar bares e restaurantes que tenham drinks legais e sem álcool. =(

Mas segue um flashback de bons drinks sem álcool! Basicamente todos podem levar adição de alguma bebida alcoólica, para os pinguços de plantão! ;) Também algumas pesquisas de receitas que com certeza eu vou experimentar! ♪

Sorry, tive tantos celulares avariados que não achei nenhuma imagem desse bonito ainda no copo, mas era incrível, levava Red Bull, lichia e outras frutas! Preciso voltar no Canvas e pedir a receita! huhuhu~ ♥



Não basta ter tempo livre. Tem que usar esse tempo para sonhar acordada e viajar por aí.
Welcome to my world.


Roteiro perfeito, né? Sim, eu também acho. Hahahaha.

Tudo bem, o dólar está exorbitante, mas sonhar ainda é um programa gratuito, então .... ♥

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