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 Ainda está em fase beta, mas ao mesmo tempo é oficial, porque eu recebi minha primeira raid, então... segue o link do meu canal na Twitch!


Live - Zupi / Feira Pixel Show


Bate papo com o Allan Szacher (Zupi / Pixel Show) sobre empreendedorismo criativo. Essa live rolou no instagram da feira, no dia 18 de março de 2021, ás16h.

Fica aqui para quem não conseguiu assistir! =)







LOL. Yes, the channel got a silly intro! Why? Because every time I want to post a video here, it needs to be uploaded there on Youtube first, so it felt right to tidy the things there a little bit.

Also because I do have a collab with Brother coming up, starting next month. And there's a project I'll be probably starting with a friend soon. 

So... stay tuned. =)

(Oh, and the intro is silly, yes. There are too many people taking things too seriously recently...)



No dia 13 de outubro, um pouco do evento, mas durante a correria do Pixel Show, fui convidada pela Thaís Kato para fazer uma live! =) Nunca tinha feito live antes e graças a ela foi divertidíssimo! Alguns assuntos inesperados surgiram e eu apanhei na hora de fazer um tsuru diferente! (Mas entender foi questão de honra e consegui fazer certinho depois!!) Fica aqui o vídeo para quem quiser assistir!

{ @raphacchan | @thaiskatorigami | @tsuruacaopelavida } 




ZOOM for October 17th - saturday - 13h ~ 22h - (GMT -3)


ZOOM for October 18th - sunday - 13h ~ 22h - (GMT -3)



#PAPERSCULPTURE - making of ♥


Because I've just cleaned my whole space, after finishing the sculptures, but have already started a mess again...Welcome to my life! lol  



So, today I'm making a marathon of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1 team Youtube content.

2011 - And the track simulator laps.

I mean, look! Seb did have hair by that time!

Webbo! Oh, Red Bull had soooo many good drivers!



So here we have a little bit of what's going on these days... As the post title says, 12 minutes in 3, but basically until a piece is ready there are many layers and countless minutes! At least 6 hours for each one! =)


So, it's November. The year is almost gone and it's still hard to believe. It has been extremely challenging (but in a good way) and could have been a perfect one if I hadn't to say good bye to my grandma. But I'll keep fighting and living to pass to others everything I had the honour of learning with her. =)

I already knew about Universidade do Papel for a while, but having the chance to work with them was probably THE blessing of the year! Here in Brazil it's the only place totally about paper and its expressions toward techniques and arts. Its owned by Enrique Rodríguez, an architect and designer from Chile, who developed his whole career using paper and teaches and help other paper designers/artists to find their space.

By the occasion I sent my portfolio to Universidade do Papel, aiming a spot in their exhibition of new illustrators (and, yes, got it!) but Enrique messaged me because of my graduation project and the paper jewelry. He wanted (and still wants) me to give a workshop about the subject at his school.

I was honest and told him I couldn't. Yet. It wasn't a selfish no, but I still learning a lot about my technique and my product, so it's still early to share what I don't know. But I hope to be able to give it back soon enough. ^_^

At Universidade do Papel, once every 2 or 3 months there's an event called Paper Day, in which artists show and sell their expressions on paper and it's always fantastic! I still can't believe I've been there twice and have a 3rd edition coming up in december! To discover these paper artists, I suggest the search of #PaperDayUP in Instagram! It'll be worthy!

Last edition, on 10/21, I took some new pieces, so today I'm sharing the pictures and some comments! =)

Here is my stand! That morning I noticed that my work/production grew up a bit! Because for the 3rd edition of Paper Day this amount of space was enough, this time not at all. I had to leave a sort of box/puff/bench below the table with my bask of illustrations and prints. It was unexpected, but maybe a good sign? =)

Some of the new pieces. For the flat necklace I got some new ones inspired by sacred geometry and for the ones which are 3d, the inspiration was the Möbius strip.

Here some details about the earrings: if you have more than one pierce, you can wear the pair in the same ear as well. The effect is nice, because the paper pieces go behind the ears and they weight basically nothing.

Here you can see a bit of the basket x_x... I'm not sure if I'll be ready ($) to get the double sized space for december, but I hope to find a way. lol

Meow! Now I have some small kittens as pendants and people seem to love them! I'm happy! For the next Paper Day I'm gonna take some doggos too, to make it fair! Hahahaha

BTW! An online store is coming this month! The plan was to launch it after buying my Eclips2 (here in Brazil every price you see in USD cost us x4 more, so a cutting machine doesn't end being something exactly cheap...), but people are asking for Xmas! But with or withou online store, I swear I don't bite, so you can just message me to ask things/ talk/ order... It will be a pleasure!



My babies are back! They were at a store not far away from my home office... But things are advancing so fast that I had no place to store them and my messy lair was even worse than the usual...

So I had to do some changes and now all the paper jewelry has a new and own place! Some mirrors are still missing, but for now it's ok and its compact! I could take this structure to fairs and events!  


O vídeo sobre joias e acessórios em papel está online no canal do Youtube do @portaldopapel ! Por favor, entrem, assistam e se inscrevam! Likes são bem vindos também!  

O conteúdo sobre as diferentes manifestações em papel é incrível! Pensem em alguém que sabe de absolutamente tudo o que está acontecendo no mercado do papel! É a Claudia! 

Muito obrigada por todo o apoio e por toda a gentileza! 


These days...

Almost one month after the last post - I had actually some good ideas of what I could post here, but needed a break of social networks environment. 

It was impossible to get that famous internet detox though, because I work from home and need to be online to communicate with my work team. 

Since there were many things happening at the same time in the offline world as well, that's why I went MIA. Sorry about all the unanswered messages! Specially on messenger and whatsapp - c'mon, guys, you know I HATE WHATSAPP.

But now we're back to business! It's impossible to stop during the second half of the year! 

And now I'm gonna talk about what I've been into.


February Playlist

Yo! Before bringing it here a second chapter of my graduation project saga, let's talk about something lighter! Music! ♥



~ The past week ~ 

A moment to think about the happenings of these past days.

About the picture: This year I decided to use a handmade notebook, binded with needle and thread, to take notes, draw, and to schedule everything that could happen during the year. So, I have many white (or not) pages to use as I wish. And can always bind some new pages if I need.
Besides the good point of everything being customizable, I don't have to deal with blank pages, because I'm not exactly using a page per day. 
I'm gonna use it for college and work as well, because for me it's good to have everything in just one place (other than in my phone). LOL... But I guess many people prefer to keep the personal away from work and other areas... For myself, I can't help living everything together. 

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