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Mostrando postagens com marcador yes wedding. Mostrar todas as postagens


It's been two weeks since I started with the Fashion Illustration post graduation course. And tomorrow I'll also start the Jewellery Collection course.

So far we've been through human figure and some references researches... 

Trying to find a mid point between the realistic style and the manga style is not easy. And I can't say the professor loves manga. But yeah... I'm surviving and learning a lot, or so I want to believe, hahahaha.

"You can find great references at Vogue and Elle magazines." - Yup, it's quite obvious, isn't it? Maybe way too much obvious for my liking... So I decided to go a little outside the box and take some references I knew the other students would not take to the classroom =P

 Some scans from japanese Seventeen magazine.

Bridal editorial, from YES WEDDING magazine.

Camila Klein's jewellery collection.

Gekkan EXILE's editorial with Takanori Iwata

Again, Takanori Iwata, but this cool poses are from his first photobook.

And Yuzuru. Obviously. You saw it coming, didn't you?
Now, really, his movements are very elegant - that's why he's here again.

Not only Yuzu though. Kaitlyn Weaver, Yuna Kim, Carolina Kostner, Karen Chen, Kaetlyn Osmond and Maia Shibutani too. Because Figure Skating is elegant. Period. 

Later on, I'm going to make a post just about my production and its evolution, but for now, here you have an illustration of the canadian figure skater Gabrielle Daleman. It's the 3rd illustration since the classes have started:
Gabby herself gave my post a like, so you can imagine how over the Moon I became when I saw the notification!

So far so good it seems!



Yo! Esses dias tenho lembrado muito de um drink que eu costumava beber no Canvas, mas que saiu da carta de bebidas... #SadBlowfish

É sempre mais difícil encontrar bares e restaurantes que tenham drinks legais e sem álcool. =(

Mas segue um flashback de bons drinks sem álcool! Basicamente todos podem levar adição de alguma bebida alcoólica, para os pinguços de plantão! ;) Também algumas pesquisas de receitas que com certeza eu vou experimentar! ♪

Sorry, tive tantos celulares avariados que não achei nenhuma imagem desse bonito ainda no copo, mas era incrível, levava Red Bull, lichia e outras frutas! Preciso voltar no Canvas e pedir a receita! huhuhu~ ♥



~ The past week ~ 

A moment to think about the happenings of these past days.

About the picture: This year I decided to use a handmade notebook, binded with needle and thread, to take notes, draw, and to schedule everything that could happen during the year. So, I have many white (or not) pages to use as I wish. And can always bind some new pages if I need.
Besides the good point of everything being customizable, I don't have to deal with blank pages, because I'm not exactly using a page per day. 
I'm gonna use it for college and work as well, because for me it's good to have everything in just one place (other than in my phone). LOL... But I guess many people prefer to keep the personal away from work and other areas... For myself, I can't help living everything together. 

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