Illustration created for the latest Draw-A-Dot open call. A look from MSGM's 2020 Pre Fall season. It was inspired by CLAMP's Card Captor Sakura and all the magic elements are actually Gio Ponti designed items - tapestry, lamps, chandeliers, etc...  It was fun!

#PAPERSCULPTURE - making of ♥


Because I've just cleaned my whole space, after finishing the sculptures, but have already started a mess again...Welcome to my life! lol  


#SaveTheDate: 17 e 18 de Outubro vai rolar o PIXEL SHOW 2020! 
Mesmo com Covid teremos o maior festival de criatividade da LATAM! ♥  Até porque em um momento de crise temos uma boa oportunidade para usar a criatividade e pensar em novas soluções!
Só que esse ano o festival todo será online!! No insta da feira vocês podem conferir mais informações!

E vai ser uma honra participar como expositora! Além da loja online, devo transmitir direto do meu estúdio, então vou ter bem mais liberdade para mostrar coisas para vocês!

ALIVE!! - so here is a making of... #PaperSculpture

Uma eternidade depois, aqui está uma atualização! Todos ainda em quarentena por aqui, mas vivos e com saúde! =)

Apesar do ano difícil, os últimos meses têm sido de correria e novas parcerias. Espero poder falar delas aqui logo menos!!

E fica um making of do que está rolando nesses momentos de silêncio. Quem quiser ver mais de perto é bem vindo para me acompanhar no instagram!


So, today I'm making a marathon of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1 team Youtube content.

2011 - And the track simulator laps.

I mean, look! Seb did have hair by that time!

Webbo! Oh, Red Bull had soooo many good drivers!

QUARENTINE - day LVIII - F1, F1 and F1

What's up, people? Here everything is ok. We're on our 58th day of quarentine!

And having so much time, I did a couple of flashbacks, researches, watched series and watching Drive to Survive made me look back to a couple of years ago when I used to attend every brazilian GP here in Sao Paulo.

The two last years, though, I decided not to. Because the F1 weekend was in conflict with some important events I had for my business. - being a single one to had the researches, the creative process, all the making, the social medias, the selling, etc is good, there's tons of freedom. But the level of responsability is also insane.

There was also a personal reason: it's easy to enjoy F1 as fan, because everything is "real" for me only during one week per year. But when you get friends that live this enviroment and when you notice how broken these people really are inside (by pressure, by travelling a lot, by not staying at home with their families enough, etc), you start to question if is it really ok to be a fan of the sport?

Honestly I was pretty ok and not really missing F1. But Drive to Survive did it. And even though I know part of the drama is real, but part is not, I felt like going back to all my years of memories, frustration and fun.

The nowadays grid is actually really fun to follow up, because the boys are really committed with providing nice stuff. We can mention the rookie squad on Twitch here.

But coming to how everything (re)started in my adult life, it was all because of Sebastian.
It was really good and inspiring watching someone who has almost the same age as me doing so well on the path of his choice of life! And until his RBR years he still had the joy of a beginner, which is the best trait ever and I really respect.

Things really changed when he moved to Ferrari. Yes, he was achieving a dream, but one that came with tons of responsabilities. Rebuilding Ferrari was not easy and the point is, for a team that is soooooooooooooooo traditional, they are being fucking ungrateful by abandoning Seb, after one bad season. Seb got the team in worse situation when they started their partnership.

But this is not the first time Ferrari messed up, is it?

Now Red Bull closed the doors to Sebi, because they have Max and don't wanna "two alphas" in their team. Carlos is moving to Ferrari, while Dan is going to McLaren. Where's Sebastian going? To Renault? Please no???

I'm so frustrated right now.

It will take me a while to take this info in.

Basically this can not be the last season of Seb in F1, but also there's that ghost of what will be of F1 in Brazil for the next years? We have no contracts yet!!

In the best of the worlds Interlagos will stay. Or we'll miss the event to Rio, which is not ideal, but still ok... Or we could yet loose the event in the country and this makes me anxious.

Right now we have to stay safe and at home, but I'm soooo looking forward to create some best (and maybe last) memories in November/December!!

QUARENTINE - day XV - Organized Feed

More details about this paper sculpture project can be found at my instagram account @raphacchan! 
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